Our school integration program is designed for schools and districts that do not have elementary language programs in place. This program is also ideal for those students who cannot fit more advanced language into their schedules or are not offered the language they want to learn at their school.

School Program Details

At Bon Voyage, we are proud to offer you a high quality linguistic and cultural program that meets the needs of your district.

Because our program is online and we use hardware that is already available to students in most districts, it is easy to implement our programs into a variety of different learning environments. 

We offer the following options:

  • Whole class integration– Teacher is projected onto a smartboard or screen through Zoom, our online classroom video software. Students participate using Classkick on Chromebooks, iPads, or another device available to them.
  • Individual student integration– Students participate during a designated period during the day on their own devices with headphones. This is ideal for integrating multiple languages into one classroom.
  • After school or home study program– Students participate either at home or after school. This is ideal for middle and high school students taking courses for credit.

Many schools and districts have added our program at the elementary level as another special.

For more information on implementing a Bon Voyage School Program to fit your needs, please click the link below to contact Elizabeth Porter, or Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and International Programs!  You can also call her office directly at (509) 405- 8064