Why are we called Bon Voyage?

Learning languages takes you on a unique voyage.

In French “Bon Voyage” is an expression used when someone is taking a trip.  It is an expression that wishes the trip taker a successful and enjoyable experience.  “Bon Voyage” is also an expression we use in English!

At Bon Voyage World Languages Academy (BVWLA), we think of this term in terms of language acquisition, because learning new languages and about new cultures takes a person on an incredible and unique voyage.  Learning languages expands horizons and facilitates human connection- the essential purpose of language.  Language learning and experiencing other cultures also gives the learner an incredible and introspective voyage in self discovery!

BVWLA is proud to be the guide to new languages, cultures, experiences, as well as in the adventure in self discovery!  We want to be your guide to the most incredible voyage of your life!

So, welcome!  We look forward to sharing this voyage with you!