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Virtual Classroom for Students

Courses take place online in a virtual Zoom Classroom with a live instructor. Classes function like a traditional classroom – including the ability to group students into cooperative learning teams.  Our focus is on experiencing the language through the five senses and making sure students learn about the people who speak the language!  Our mission in our courses is to promote human connections.


Global Citizenship Education in France

Bon Voyage offers our Global Citizenship Immersion Program in France.  Students commit to a year of culture study, leadership and team building activities, and community service in preparation to learn French with students from around the world at our partner school in Vichy, France!

Enhances Cognitive

Increases Problem Solving and
Critical Thinking Skills


Increased Ability in
the Native Language

Increased Empathy, Cultural
and Global Awareness

Boosts Career Opportunities
and Salaries

The Bon Voyage Method- Language with the Five Senses

Bon Voyage is a zero-translation school.

Translation does not work.

We do not use translation — substituting a foreign word for an English word — but rather focus on whole language acquisition and communication. Translation breaks the connections in the brain that are being created and creates reliance on your native language to speak the new language. Translation hinders fluency because it creates a barrier for the learner to be able to think in the new language.

Global Citizenship Immersion Program

Global Citizenship Immersion Program

Bon Voyage offers an Immersion Program in France with CAVILAM – Alliance française of Vichy. Located in the Auvergne Region, this school is the ideal place be immersed in the French language and culture along with other youth from around the world.  Every summer, Bon Voyage students interact with students their same age from over 120 different nations worldwide!

Ages 13 through 18 are accepted into this program.

This annual trip is 20 days every summer.

Bon Voyage World Languages Academy (Bon Voyage French Program) is a WA State 501c3 Non-Profit Corporation.